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New Real Estate Trends Expected To Emerge In 2019

For those people who are planning to buy home, 2019 will be the same as the last few years. Instead of launching new projects the builders will be focusing on clearing the previous inventory as they will continue to struggle with regulatory changes like RERA & GST. The prizes are expected

Ways to Reduce Interest Rate on Your Home Loan

How to reduce home loan interest?

  • To make a low-interest payout, minimize the interest rate of your loan. If you have already taken the loan, you can move ahead and refinance your loan at a very lower interest rate.

Why More Millennial's Are Now Eyeing Real Estate Investment?

Millennials are at the helm of most major industries as the customers and the decision makers. Their influence now impacts the Indian real estate sector considerably since they make up a majority of the demographic.

It is estimated that around 65% of the Indian population will be under the age of 35 by the year 2020. While still in the nascent stage, the interest of the millennials is shifting towards investment and is bound to drive real estate majorly. Logically, the benefits of real estate investments are not only for them to reap, but the country as well. Following you will find reasons why investing at a young age is now a trend

Laws For Rental Properties In Rajasthan – Stamp Duty

How is the Rental Agreement made in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

  • Review what clauses and terms are to be included in the rental agreement and have a blueprint of the document.
  • Print the blueprint on Stamp paper of state-approved value.
  • Register the document at local Sub-Registrar office.

Benefits of Married Couple Jointly Owning Properties

Many couples are prioritizing on purchasing of the property jointly for all the beneficial reasons. They are balancing and trying to make any stone unturned in choosing the best financial option, but what are the reasons behind this?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Apartments & Stand Alone Houses


Everyone has distinct arrangements when it comes to deciding where he or she want to have his or her living. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each different housing location and type. Just imagine about you and your family’s requirements both now and into the future before coming to a conclusion about where you want to have your living.


Why Should You Invest In 3 BHK Homes?

Are you looking for a Spacious House?

Spacious homes with an easy finance option

Thinking to settle in 3BHK homes, with an amazing scene, cool breeze, and the top comforts have been a large vision. The signal of austerity, though, had modified the illusion in the Centre, flooring way for the gratitude of areas that were less. This also went on to control our finance, many looking similar opening of feeling.

Things One Should Consider Before Shortlisting A Property

Shortlisting a Property

Whenever you decide to buy a home you have multiple options of builders to choose from. Each builder will have several projects with different features in different locations. Shortlisting from all of these options can get difficult and overwhelming. Don’t panic, the following parameters will help you to quickly shortlist a project.

Rera- A Boon For The Real-estate Industry

RERA for real estate

The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) has definitely brought a positive vibe among the home buyers. The act is passed to ensure that customer is the king & developers are brought to books.  RERA aims to make a fair & ethical mode of transactions between the buyers & sellers of real estate. The act has made it compulsory for each state to form its regulator & also frame rules for the regulator to function.

RERA seeks to protect the interests of the buyers which in turn will boost the investment in real-estate sector.

Things That You Should Avoid Before Applying For A Home Loan

Necessities for Home Loan Application

Nowadays its harder to qualify for the home loan. According to new regulations lenders require to verify every aspect of the borrower’s financial background, before giving out loan. So, if you need loan it’s important to prepare well so that you become a good candidate to get loan. The market is flourished with different home loan offers with varying perks & interest rates.


Jaipur is best for real estate investment

The Capital and The Largest city of the North Indian state of Rajasthan, Jaipur also known as ‘Pink City’, that completes the ‘Golden Triangle’ for tourist connecting New Delhi and Agra.